Monday, March 11, 2013

Second blog in just one year!

March 11, 2013

Since my last blog was over half a year ago, I guess it goes without saying that I haven't quite gotten in the swing of this idea yet!  But, I will try again, and hope to keep things more updated.  I'm sure all three of you are thrilled at this news!  ;-)

So, to sum up the last 7 months without going into too much detail -

It was fun.  Thanks everyone - take care!

Alright, a little more detail than that.  After all, you're here, right?

The last part of 2012 was what is starting to be a familiar whirlwind.  I finished up a few wonderful concerts of my own (Jeff Elbel, Theresa Brooks, Paul Ross, and Amanda Nelson, pictured)

...and finished up the Dennis DeYoung 2012 tour with a great series of concerts at Epcot Center and in Iowa.  Dennis is just so amazing, and his voice is better than ever.  Nothing like having the best seat in the house to witness this legend sing his timeless songs.  Oh, that's right - I can't be so amazed that forget to play!!

Then it was immediately off to the 2012 Mannheim Steamroller Christmas tour, which is always a blast, and seems to go much too quickly.  Covering almost 50 concerts in nearly as many cities over a two month period leaves little time for reflection.  And, just like that, it's over.  What an honor to play these songs and arrangements by Chip Davis in these beautiful theaters, and to continue the legacy that is the number one selling Christmas tour of all time (take that, Bing Crosby)!

After a short break at the beginning of January to nurse my tattered hands back to health, 2013 has already been wonderful and diverse.  I couldn't ask for more, starting the year with a concert of my own music and welcoming Jennifer Lowe as a new member of my ensemble!  (Amanda Nelson,Theresa Brooks, Jeff Elbel, and Jennifer Lowe, pictured)

The tour schedule is already looking busy in the months to come for the Dennis DeYoung band.  Our Feb/March shows in Florida and California proved there will be no slowing down this year (Larry Baird, Craig Carter, Suzanne DeYoung, Dennis DeYoung, Jimmy Leahey, August Zadra, and John Blasucci, pictured)

And February also found me on the road with my own music.  There is something about packing up a ton of equipment and hitting the highway on a solo tour.  It's like stepping outside and taking a deep breath of fresh morning air..or..something like that!

I spent a few days in North Carolina.  Performing concerts and giving master classes to university students at Garder-Webb University, as well as some of the surrounding public schools.  This was another reminder of how special it is for me to have these opportunities to perform my own music.  There is something happening here that is really wonderful - a connection with the audience that further makes me believe I am doing the right thing.

These concerts were followed by a keynote address at the 13th Annual Self Employment in the Arts conference, and a presentation for the music students at Concordia University.

And on that note, I'd say 2013 is off to a rousing start!  What's next?  Gee, thanks for asking!

I'm double dipping, as I'll be opening two Dennis DeYoung concerts with solo performances of my own music (see my performance dates for details  Something tells me I may sleep for a while after performing those shows, but if all goes well, it will give me material for my next blog!

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